Our years of experience and insight has led us to question the traditional approach in every discipline we choose to engage. As such, our approach is disruptive to the status quo and to the traditional methods employed in the marketplace. We are achieving our best for you when not running with the pack but rather, reaching out of our comfort zone for you, our client or partner.

Infinite Risk has evolved organically in our service and product delivery to both our corporate and private clients. From a rich base of advisory across various disciplines, Infinite provides innovative and unique solutions that enrich and optimise and improve the performance of an organisation.

In working with an individual or corporate client, the multiplier effect is delivered in improved performance. To achieve this reality, we rely on mentoring, coaching and advisory services across key selected disciplines.

The term ‘infinite risk’, is an abstract concept of a non-zero probability of an infinite loss, demonstrating a potential for an event or ongoing problem that has infinite impact. To quantify a risk and manage it, the risk, no mater its size, must be identified, whether in business or in one’s personal life.

The management of risk is the most profound and forward thinking concept an organisation and private client can employ. To view risk with a growth cap, risk is embraced and decisions are taken in a structured and informed manner, thereby seizing opportunities and limiting the downside. The potential exposures managed are vital to the improvement of the system as a whole.

Through the passage of time, observation through the opportunity/exposure lens, one is either in the context of growth or protection or a combination of the two, and normally not optimally balanced. Our goal when working with you as a valued client, is to find your correct balance between protection and growth while in the process of wealth creation.

The ultimate result has its objective in protecting the entity or individual and improving performance and return. With the least amount of input, a term classified as the ‘minimum effective dose’, is implemented to produce the maximum outcome.

Our senior mentors, coaches, advisors, functional and integrative doctors, design, implement and manage programmes across a wide discipline for both corporate entities and individual private clients.

With the accumulation of in-depth knowledge in many facets of enterprise and private client programs, we are either enhancing existing programs or assist in building a new program from a zero base. In either approach we cover the most important exposure, the impact and the suggested controls. We thereby create client specific, unique, solutions across various platforms of business and personal life.


Infinite is one of the only organisation’s that has formalised a risk based approach to financial planning and well-being, where we are able to provide an effective and enhanced outcome to every opportunity and conceivable exposure. Being seekers in the well-being of an individual or the individual in a corporate entity, Infinite enters the game of risk to a life well lived.


Infinite’s experience in service delivery, allowed Infinite to be nominated as the winner by the Institute of Risk Management South African for designing, implementing and managing an innovative risk management programme for 18000 staff, of one of the largest multinational organisation’s, operational in 103 countries.

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