In the universe of personal health risk, and delving down the rabbit hole to the probability of developing cancer, we find global statistics pointing to a 50% probability of developing this life threatening, preventable  noncommunicable disease.

With a 1 in 2 chance of developing cancer, is it not time to look beyond radical medical treatment that only comes in play after the fact? The medical treatment that is supposedly solving the cancer puzzle is possibly causing a stronger and greater strain of cancerous cells being ignited in the body. What ever happened to prevention or do we have the illusion that it won’t happen to us?

According to the lengthly study conducted by T. Colin Campbell PhD, considered by many the “Einstein of nutrition research” produces findings that show how cancer growth is turned on or turned off depending on the source of protein ingested.

One may be pre-disposed to developing cancer from your genes, but the nutritional decisions taken are more likely to play a greater role later in life than one’s personal genetic predisposition to developing cancer.

Professor Colin Campbell’s China Study, depicts his life’s work and his vast research on the mechanisms that promote cancer. The solutions to minimising the risk of developing cancer comes down to dramatically reducing or removing animal based protein from your eating plan.
Or, if you don’t have much genetic tendancy toward cancer, you can still develop cancer by eating the incorrect foods or drinking excessively.
Watch this enlightening excerpt from Dr. Campbell’s talk: Turn on or turn off cancer growth

Peter Šmanjak

Owner and Founder at Infinite Risk

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