Assets & Liabilities Cover

Every personal protection plan that includes insurance controls, should seek to optimize the cost of each insurance control. At Infinite Risk we strive to minimize the cost of insurance coverage and align the coverage to the specific risk exposure. Those with substantial assets require a personal protection plan approach for protecting their homes, motor, fine art, jewellery, equine and collectibles.

With a high degree of flexibility, Infinite provides you the ability to coordinate the coverage needed within a single insurance program that’s easy to manage and uniquely suited to your lifestyle. The program will enhance family security and protect wealth. Infinite embraces and reviews all areas of risk that our clients and their families are exposed to, including their:

Personal Assets Coverage

  • Property
  • Jewelry
  • Yacht
  • Motor
  • Fine Art
  • Aircraft
  • Bloodstock
  • Classic Car

Personal Liabilities Coverage


  • Third Party
  • Personal D&O

Personal Coverage


  • Medical Insurance Coverage
  • Personal Accident
  • Kidnap and Ransom
  • Retirement Scheme
  • Travel
  • Repatriation

With one point of contact, a private consultant is our client’s dedicated representative and guide to our risk management resources. This highly skilled professional helps clients assess, select, refine and manage their risks on a worldwide basis.

At Infinite, we recognise the greater complexity in demand of private individuals and families with varied interests, holdings and financial resources that require a broader range of risk management solutions which conventional insurance products cannot provide. For this reason, we adopt an engagement process that is professional, discreet, and clear.

By providing the overall consultancy concerning the risks associated with our client’s lifestyle, they have greater control of their programs, costing and leverage in the insurance market. Our clients’ requirements have become increasingly complex in today’s global economy. They have demands that necessitate the delivery of up to date expertise, providing the most highly developed solutions that match their lifestyle. Our solutions are designed to respond immediately in the event of a claim and achieve the minimize cost and maximum results for our clients.

Practice Areas


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