If truth is found in the Bible, in this series you’ll discover why there’s clinics that are using Biblical principals to have a recovery rate in the high 90% range with their patients!

Episode 9 was reserved for people that chose to own the Bible Health Secrets series. After the comments like “Tears are flooding with gratitude and thanks to you Jonathan and Lori”, the directors released the episode to the subscribers.

This episode, along with the 8 before, has a deep impact in people’s lives that may have never been experienced previously. Why? Because it’s on a subject that we’ve all dealt with. Depression & Anxiety.

Did you know medical professionals are now saying they are getting less results with treating depression than they’re getting treating cancer? It’s not that way when you follow what the word says!

Now, if you love this Episode, along with the other 8 Episodes in this series, and would love to own it all, then  email us now to make sure you don’t miss out on all the amazing bonuses.

It’s time to share the truth of God’s Word to help heal this dying nation and this dying world!

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It’s time for us ALL to be fully educated and empowered on the healing power of the truth and mystery of the scriptures. It’s time for us to unite and work together to share with the world that the Bible has the answers to rise above the norm of disease, suffering, and premature death.

The longest living people live an amazing quality of life (reaching the ripe old age of 100+ without aches and pains or memory problems!) are following these biblical principles, and that’s the truth that is in every minute of Bible Health Secrets.

Please share what you learn with your friends and family. One way to help share this information is to give them a copy of the DVDs.

If you need first hand guidance how to reach your best state of optimal well-being, let us know by mailing us and we will have one of our advisor’s or coach contact you.

You can join our movement, support the mission and give the gift of life to yourself and those you love most.

Truthfully, about 90% of the content of Bible Health Secrets is inside the 50 full-length interviews & transcripts (plus bonus Episode 8 & 9, 2 bonus Q & A videos, guidebook & a bunch more).

We look forward to hear of your health awakening you experience during this journey.

Peter Šmanjak

Owner and Founder at Infinite Risk

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