He was 2 years old and dying of terminal brain cancer.  His name is Cashy. And everyday, the chemo that was being pumped into his tiny veins to fight the cancer was causing his body to seize in violent spasms.  

Doctors were doing everything they could to save him, but nothing was working.  Cashy was slipping away. His parents were at their wits end, desperate for ANYTHING that could help save their son. Traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals failed Cashy and he needed an alternative treatment.

His parents scrambled frantically to find an answer. They discovered that a natural plant extract, cannabis saliva, could help alleviate the boy’s pain and suffering. But when Cashy’s parents suggested using cannabis to the doctor, he was against it.

See, cannabis is illegal in hospitals and medical facilities around the country. But for Cashy’s parents, the choice was clear.  They saw for themselves the overwhelming case study evidence on the amazing effectiveness of cannabis.

With renewed hope, they did what any parent would do to save their dying son. Because of cannabis, Cashy beat cancer TWICE.  But local law authorities made it practically impossible to procure cannabis oil to treat their son at home. He needed it to SURVIVE.

Officers raided Cashy’s home, taking away the only thing that was keeping him alive and pain free. No one should have to suffer like Cashy. No one should have to endure what Cashy’s parents went through. No one.

Not you. Not your family. Not a loved one. Especially when there’s an easy, simple, and readily available solutionThe “evils of cannabis” stigma associated with cannabis has run its course. No one should be denied access to get the treatment they need.

Take a moment to Watch this Short Video to learn more about Cashy’s story and how you use use this sacred plant to help you and your loved ones.

It could very well change the quality of your life or the life of those you care about most. Isn’t it time to end the suffering?

PS: Cashy’s story is part of a groundbreaking documentary series, “The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Examined,that goes deep into the healing powers…that cannabis is responsible for treating AND even beating over 700 medical ailments and conditions.  

Mom with Cancer is a Fighter and Survivor

Shannan is a double mastectomy cancer survivor. Oliver is battles tumors and seizures, and Joey is autistic. Shannan does everything in her power to protect her boys. Traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals couldn’t help them manage their disease, physical pain, and the stress of daily life.

In fact, it failed them. The reason all three are able to cope and live a full and happy life today is cannabis sativa…And its miraculous healing properties

And since hospitals, insurance companies, and doctors don’t cover or accept cannabis as medicine, they have no choice but to go outside “the system” to get the help they need. To REFUSE this kind of humane support is no different than cutting their lifeline and saying,

“Sorry, you’re on your own. And by the way, what you’re taking is illegal.”

Lawmakers, government, the medical community, Big Pharma, and the insurance companies treat people like Shannan and her children. People like you or your loved ones in need of life-saving alternative medical help.

Get in the KNOW or just educate yourself a little and download The Sacred Plant Series.

David Patton from Not Living, Life was Worth Living Again

Traditional doctors treated David Patton the best they knew how.  With prescription medication and drugs. But his condition didn’t improve. And neither did Dave’s quality of life. For years he sat on the couch, unable to move or play with his kids. Trapped in a medicated stupor and living in a fog…he was one of the Walking Dead.

This was until his children suggested medical cannabis…

“I thought many times of taking my own life. Honestly, the thing that gives me the most strength from taking the pills to trying something new is my kids. Once I started the program, the pain started going away. As of this year, I’m pill-free. I was at 34 pills a day and now I’m at zero. It’s been a year of no pills. I get to have a life with my kids again, like a father should. Before I just sat on the couch, and that was my life, going from zombie to life.” ~ David Patton

David’s revelation about the horrors of his former ‘medicated’ life and his revival from the dead is credited to the wonders of cannabis.

This is just one of the many patient stories you’ll hear in Season 2 of “The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Examined.” In fact, you’ll hear more from David in Episode 2. Season 2 of this docuseries picks up and goes BEYOND where Season 1 left off. New research. New expert and patient interviews. New legal insights.

Kindly share and give support to those in need of this miraculous plant. We need your help to reach more people and save more lives. The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Examined is a groundbreaking 7-part documentary series centered on the most powerful and potent healing plant on earth. This series will be available to you absolutely FREE online from June 20-27, 2018. If unable to watch, the series is available for download.

Peter Šmanjak

Owner and Founder at Infinite Risk

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