Corporate Governance & King III Assessment

A code of principles can only ever be as good as one’s ability to put it into practice. It is from this standpoint that we are committed to assisting clients with implementation of the recommendations of the King Report on Governance for South Africa and practically supporting our clients in monitoring progress with regard to their application.

The release of King III on 1 September 2009 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of corporate governance in South Africa and brings with it significant opportunities for organisations that embrace its principles.

We are of the firm belief that free enterprise prospers in an environment of good and balanced corporate governance. While we understand that achieving good governance is a complex task, we believe that sound governance practices offer numerous practical benefits and that organisations should integrate such practices into their operational processes.

The work we perform provides a gap analysis of how well equipped the board is in respect their alignment to King III. It will also highlight where boards may be lacking and directors not aware of all the responsibilities required of them in line with King III.

We have developed a special tool which is applied in a workshop environment facilitated by our highly qualified specialists to assess current compliance, define the roadmap with an integrated project plan for the implementation of remedial action and for monitoring of progress against pre-defined steps.

Our structured approach addresses all the elements of King III in a highly methodical way and ensures adequacy and integrity of the initial compliance report that is provided along with the implementation project plan for remedial action.

Throughout the steps, the client is guided to complete compliance.

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