Employee Financial Wellness

Personal financial education and wellness training workshops and coaching can be the most life-changing benefits you offer employees. The real value of Infinite’s financial wellness programs is the results achieved and how it ties back to the employee, his or her performance in the workplace and overall well-being.

Infinite’s employee financial wellness program is designed to help your employees take control of their money, so they can focus on work and personal lives, while at the same time protecting them from financial fatigue.

We view living life is comprised of two contexts: ‘protection’ and ‘growth’. The protection element is to implement a preventative or response plan to protect oneself and one’s family from events that could cause financial losses, calamity and misfortune. Protecting one from the inevitable would allow you to live life with greater control and certainty, focusing on your goals and achievements.

On the other side, is the growth context of financial wellness. The growth context will allow you to make smarter decisions on how to invest your money with less risk, enabling better, more consistent returns. Further training would include how to buy insurance and what to be looking out for when making financial decisions. The training workshops will provide key insights to grow.

Following a workshop, employees will be ready to take their first step to action. Topics are varied and could include:

  • Personal Income Tax calculation and tips
  • Living my budget
  • The effect of one’s marriage regime or union on separation and death
  • Does one’s Will and Testament stand the test of time?
  • Minor children: what is the deal about insurance policies and money from the estate?
  • When I die will my dependants be destitute?
  • Where could I invest a percentage of my income
  • Determining how to manage financial risks

Our practical, yet insightful approach accelerates each employee from financial lethargy to financial freedom, able to take informed decisions.

Infinite’s financial wellness programs help employees:

  • Reduce financial-related stress
  • Improve awareness of financial situation
  • Improve confidence to take better financial decisions
  • Improve financial wellness and security
  • Understand the employer benefits
  • Access objective financial guidance from a trusted professional at no cost

Infinite’s lead trainer has been in the Financial Services Industry since 1981. She holds a HDIP Tax (RAU) and completed her Post Grad Dip in Financial Planning(UFS) in2007. In 2011, she completed a Post Grad Dip in Tax (Cum) with UFS obtaining 10 distinctions. She is registered with the FSB and holds the CFP® Professional designation and a Member of the FPI, a Master Member with the SA Institute of Tax Professionals and a Fiduciary Planner of SA.

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