Employee Health Risk Management

At Infinite Risk, we focus on the risk of the non-optimal health status of executives and employees and provide an organization with certainty and clarity in respect health risk exposures. Where health risk exposures are identified we provide clear direction to an organization in respect of implementing the correct program and or interventions. The objective in implementing an intervention will always be based on the highest and most costly risk exposure to an organization and thereby managing and preserving energy output, cost and improving overall programme outcomes.

Depending on previous or current interventions, we are able to provide a gap analysis to determine if possible improvement is likely to bring about greater returns.

Our experience and ongoing research demonstrates that the majority of companies do not provide a comprehensive and complete health risk management program that can be measured for its return on investment.

The same applies for formal monitoring and evaluation programs which are lacking in many larger corporate organizations. On implementing any form of health intervention or program, determining the base criteria is a vital component to measuring the return on the investment. We have spent a number of years working across the African continent in respect of helping companies build their monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

The process we employ is key to identifying the health exposure to the organization. Employees carry health exposures which impact on the organization in terms of performance and lost productivity. On identifying risk exposures to be managed, the organization can take a focused approach to implementing the appropriate intervention. We provide a comprehensive management program that can be implemented by the organization to manage every health exposure in one centralized employee file.

The program encompasses:

Typically, the medical is generic and does not examine the specific health risk for an occupation or location. Once complete the medical results remain in an HR file and do not inform how an individual may need to be supported to maintain health and productivity. The employment medical app has been specifically designed to help overcome these risks.
Typically, health programs are sanctioned because they align with company values and inherent desire to look after the workforce. These are valid reasons but much greater impact can be had when business outcomes are being measured.
The injury management app is designed to help ensure workplace injuries are managed effectively and deliver optimum return to work (RTW) outcomes. Also included is the tracking of actual and estimated costs.
The programme uses patented IP to enable early detection of increasing RTW and claim risk and drive corrective actions to deliver sustainable outcomes.
Exit medical enable an organisation to understand what future health risks and liabilities they are possibly exposed. They also help identifying ongoing exposure that may not have been picked up through existing health interventions. The intelligent design of exist medical provides an additional source of information to aid in the design of targeted health surveillance and broader health programs. This will help to control and eliminate identified health risk before they affect employee retention and post employment health claims.

Due to the simplified workflow for the user, areas of high and medium risk are easily identified and preventive action can be taken to reduce risk. Using a decision-based workflow, the programme produces and stores comprehensive records in relation to health risk exposures. This information can be easily analysed through user-defined health intelligence capability to identify trends, tailor the health management approach to improve and demonstrate the return on investment.To achieve the above, we make extensive use of a specialised online health risk management software application.

The software is a world-class leading edge HRM software solution developed by highly experienced and qualified professional Health Risk Managers in Australia who work in conjunction with the team in South Africa. The software compliments risk management from Health & Safety to employee wellness and chronic illness interventions.

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