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The solutions provided for Employee Well-Being ensure that managers are supported by the early identification, assessment and intervention in the lives of troubled and at-risk employees. Employees and their immediate households receive relevant and professional support at the very moment of need so that they get best practice help in resolving emotional, health, mental and relationship issues.

The explicit aim of the Employee Well-Being programme, is to stabilise and improve the quality of life of all employees by providing support and assistance to alleviate the impact of everyday work, personal and family challenges. All health and employee benefit programmes should be considered in a broader spectrum of maximising and educating employees around the many benefits of exercise, nutrition, toxicity and teaching employees how to enrich their lives by learning the basics to a life well lived.

The following services are provided:

  • Workshops on Nutrition, Exercise, Movement and More
  • Saving on Insurance Premiums
  • Psycho-social Counselling
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Financial Planning and Well-Being Consultations
  • Legal Consultations
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Chronic Disease Programmes

Employee Well-Being Solutions are aimed at prevention of disease through education of your employees. These services can be delivered in a number of formats and will cover topics specific to your employees.

There are compelling reasons why employers are looking to target the problem of workplace stress as the number one behavioural risk to manage.

It may be in response to the requirement to comply with the Health and Safety Executive’s Management Standards, as part of a national strategy aimed at reducing the spiralling costs of stress-related absence, or as a means of improving productivity by creating a healthy work environment.
Infinite has, unlike many HIV management companies, built its treatment model around a strategic effective and comprehensive service offering covering all aspects of the disease and its impact.

As experienced HIV services providers we are also able to offer extensive country coverage. In terms of the overall HIV programme we experienced that the strategic and planning phase of the HIV programme and projects is one of the most crucial and critical aspects to the success of the overall programme. If the programme is not well constructed at the onset, the probability for programme failure and financial wastage of an already limited financial resource is extremely high.

The Interventions for HIV/AIDS and other life threatening illnessess include:
  • Management Sensitisation and Training on HIV and AIDS
  • HIV and Aids Management and Employee Training – Employees
  • HIV and Aids Peer Education Training
  • KAP Surveys
  • Voluntary Counselling & Testing
  • HIV/AIDS Disease Management Programs
  • HIV/AIDS Risk Management Interventions
  • Monitoring and Control of project
Our network of specialist consulting teams are able to customise solutions ranging from online stress audits, stress risk analysis and policy development. Infinite will implement projects to a popular series of stress management programmes for management teams.

For optimal effectiveness, these programmes can be integrated into other employee wellness programmes.

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