Enterprise Risk Management

One of the most critical challenges for management today is determining the level of risk or risk appetite the business is prepared to accept as it strives to create value. Infinite’s Enterprise Wide Risk Management framework and methodologies provide for a full spectrum of business risk management, technology risk management, project risk management and internal audit services.

Infinite’s enterprise risk management experts take a 360-degree perspective that broadens the typical risk management focus to include less tangible assets, discrete exposures, and the causation effects among them. By understanding the broad risks facing your firm and how they are interrelated, you are better able to manage them and create a sustainable strategic advantage while maximising shareholder value.

To manage risk, it’s important to have a defined process in place. The typical process is based on one or more of the international standards.

The process could include a strategic workshop where the risk appetite of the organisation is set. The risk appetite discussion sets the baseline for risk prioritisation later on when all risks are being identified and action steps determined. All risks, consequences and control effectiveness are rated in accordance with your preference. Guidance is provided to determine the most viable method which is easily translated to all involved in the management of risk across the organisation.

To achieve the the outcomes and results of our work with you, we make extensive use of specialised enterprise wide risk management software applications. The software applications applied range between level 3 to level 5 applications which are globally categorised as world-class leading edge risk management software programmes.

Where a software application is required by your organisation, we provide state of the art decision analysis and structuring to determine the most applicable programme. Using our decision modelling expertise, we are able to bring out the best decision with the context of the decision criteria, thus saving time and money and making sure the right decision is made.

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