When examining the value placed on all key persons in an organisation, large or self employed, when a serious health event occurs, this impacts the person and the organisation. Now imagine yourself as the key person, (includes the bread winner for a family), where the business revolves around you. Our legal clients for example are more at risk should a fortuitous health event happen to them that stops them from being able to produce an income. This is where the executive assessment becomes very important. It has the potential to predict certain ‘unexpected’ health events.

You may dismiss this claim and respond by saying that you are insured for all health events and your income will be replaced. How about your life and health –  will that be replaced?

You would realise the critical illness cover of your portfolio is a costly amount paid away each month. Our 25 years in the health and financial services industry shows us the value of this form of cover. However, I wish to disrupt your thinking and challenge you to monitor and evaluate your health to the point of reducing the amount insured for critical illness cover. Why? Because you can control around 95% of disease that would impact you. Wow!

Because heart disease and cancer of all kinds make up the majority of claims across all insurers, (up to two thirds in some insurers) if you take steps to prevent this from happening, you do not require the same amount of expensive cover. In most instances, you will reduce your premium by almost half of what you are paying today.

Yes, keep the income protection, the disability and life cover for your family and debts to be paid off on passing unexpectedly. That is a responsible risk financing strategy.  But save what you were paying and invest it into your own well-being. Invest in a coach who would assure you of what I am saying here.

If you are a member of Discovery Health, the Discovery Executive Assessment is a personalised experience that provides you with support in areas of mental and physical well-being, through a team of highly qualified experts with access to the latest health and wellness technology. The assessment is a must for every executive if a Discovery member.

The beauty in being a Discovery member is that many of the services are paid from the medical benefit or the insured major medical portion. While doing so we will show you how to attain the most of the Discovery Executive Assessment, possibly upgrading you to Vitality gold status after one assessment and enjoying all those benefits.

After one assessment you would have your a Discovery report and/or your own personalised report that details your top health risks you exposed too. Knowing this is the first step to being well again.  Assessments range from R2449 – R7710. Additional personalised reporting and advisory services available on completion of initial assessment. Request the Discovery Executive Wellness Individual Application Form or the Discovery Executive Wellness Employer Application form. Or email us at info@infiniterisk.com.

Testimonials abound where our health assessments have highlighted areas never considered or tested. From coming off medication, headaches disappearing to better sleep, to the identification of potential cardiovascular and cancer risk, the assessment and natural interventions provide physical and emotional relief and well-being like no other. You now see the importance of the executive assessment.

The way assessments normally work is they are conducted year on year with the aim of identifying at-risk health concerns and making them known to the executive. Thereafter you would have the responsibility to find your own way to correct or implement some form of intervention. That is if the prescribing practitioner has not prescribed a myriad of drugs, adding your name to the opioid crises. That’s for another post.

Then as one’s health deteriorates, which shouldn’t happen if you care for yourself properly, health issues become more prevalent and the treating medical practitioner provides the executive with further chronic medication for lifelong use. This chronic/pain medication used on an ongoing basis results in further serious health consequences. Read the side effects and you will realise how devastating it could be for your health into the long term.

The average consumer has been led or wishes to believe that this is the only or correct form of long-term intervention. It is not the belief of our medical team. In the industry, there is little or no follow through with an executive by the wellness provider or practitioner and in many instances no or very little progress is made year on year. In actual fact, the health of people in general is on the decline.

Where the majority of executive wellness programmes come to an end, our recommendation is that you continue with the most important step in the change and get-well programme, the coaching stage. This is a must if you are serious about being well. See our Executive Optimiser that follows a staged approach to one’s health journey.

Should you not be a member of Discovery Health or a medical aid and/or wish to conduct a private and confidential health assessment, contact us and we will arrange the rest. All assessments provided are under strict confidential protocols. If you haven’t had an assessment in the past 6-12 months, don’t delay.

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Peter Šmanjak

Owner and Founder at Infinite Risk

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