Executive Well-Being

In an executive’s world there are never enough hours in the day, let alone time for exercise and taking care of him or herself. Health concerns due to incorrect eating patterns, stress, lack of sleep and ongoing adrenal fatigue and burnout seem the order of the day. 

The consequences lead to the risk of disease, early death or premature ageing. Infinite solves this risk and allows the executive to take back and reverse what has been sacrificed along the road to success and wealth creation.

In our kitchen, we use a process familiar to executives. This process follows a risk-managed approach that encourages a similar methodology to how corporate risk is managed. Using our own risk based management tools and expert insight we assess the risk of and too each executive. Our risk model has numerous risks, consequences and suggested actions already built into it, thus enabling, in a split second, the impact of a personal risk on an individuals along with numerous best medical and natural practice interventions.

The outcomes of the Executive Optimiser will:

  • Knowing your risks and their potential consequences
  • Improve mental clarity and personal performance
  • Improve energy and sleeping habits
  • Improve muscle tone and strength in 2,5 minutes per day
  • Protect and safeguard against future disease

Infinite’s approach to executive well-being is based on a managed personal risk methodology, whereby each executive is taken through a process that highlights where they are at risk for dis-ease, disability or illness. On the identification of high risk factors, the executive is provided them with the action steps and tools to take action and protect and improve their health. The work is wrapped up into their own individualised lifestyle exposure report that includes their current and potential health risk exposures along with the recommended alternative and natural interventions, all aligned to their future desired state of well being.

Executives seek optimal health in order to perform at the superior level at which they do. This level of health brings with it, mental clarity, emotional freedom, stress management, peak physical shape and an internal body that functions without a high levels of toxicity and disease. If this balance is achieved, the executive can freely enjoy focusing on their careers, family and personal development and performance goals.

Where many ‘wellness’ programmes alike provide a form of ‘wellness’ that only looks at the assessment phase, Infinite has gone beyond the assessment stage and developed protocols and a coaching programme that continues working with the executive to achieve their desired state of well-being.

The assessment stage of the Executive Optimiser, aims to highlight present and possible future risk factors that would impact on current performance, sleep, vitality, longevity, quality of health and well-being. These risk factors are captured into Infinite’s own personal risk application which allows the executive to weigh up the consequences of action or inaction using impacts that rate the possibility of a negative impact. A number of solutions or interventions are also provided in response to the risk identified or impact.

Infinite’s assessment delves deep when required, and while doing so, identifies non-optimal measures that may be within the clinical reference range however, non optimal. What is the use of running a motor just before the temperature light comes on? How long would this motor last compared to running it at its optimal temperature? Infinite’s approach is on allowing the body to run optimally again, no matter what the pressures of work or life brings.

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