Fatigue Management

Fatigue refers to mental or physical exhaustion that stops a person from being able to function at their normal level. It is more than simply feeling tired or drowsy, fatigue is the silent killer that accumulates over time due to a number of factors.

The fatigue programmes are available for both employees as well as executives. The programmes have been adopted by a large number of international organisations across various industries as best practices for fatigue management in the workplace..

Fatigue, being a state of impaired mental and/or physical performance and lowered alertness will effect employees at every level of the organisation – no one person is immune to fatigue. Fatiogue is caused by a wide variety of factors, including inadequate restorative sleep, hard physical or mental work, health including nutritional intake and psychological factors. It is also a significant cost that most businesses simply do not account for because it is part of ‘working hard’ and often difficult to accurately identify. Fatigue can have deadly consequences, especially in environments where a loss of alertness and mental clarity can threaten the health and safety of employees, business decisions and client advisory.

To manage fatigue across the organisation, it consists of evaluating and refining existing practices and policies, training those identified with fatigue, to understand how they have arrived at this state, and manage it with training and coaching.

As part of the training, participants undertake a comprehensive sleep assessment to determine the level and causes of their fatigue. This information is then used to create an individual sleep/fatigue profile and a personal fatigue management plan. It also helps revel the main causes of fatigue in the workforce. All participants also receive a comprehensive Fatigue Management manual as a resource which contains practical strategies to address fatigue-related issues.

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