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What is gut health and why is it the common denominator to being optimally well? Over the past few months, a number of docu-series relating to different aspects of turning around illness or disease, preventative health and well-being has provided for free viewing with the option to purchase the series for watching again. Observing the thread of a few hundred speakers, albeit many medical specialists, natural doctors, scientists, and others in their field of well-being and disease prevention, a common denominator was showing up in each series.

This common denominator pointed in the direction of one’s gut health. Believe it or not, we know this from our years of ongoing research and work in this field. If one does nothing else except, focus on getting one’s gut microbiome (the gut ecology of bacteria) in the best shape ever (balancing beneficial with non-beneficial), most diseases and illnesses could be avoided and even reversed.

If you watched the Betrayal series, you would learn that 70-80% of your immune system is activated in the outside lining of the gut and the digestive tract. Episode 2 & 3 of ‘Betrayal: The Autoimmune Solution They Not telling You provides outstanding insights on this subject. If you did not have the time to watch, you can invest in your or a loved ones health and buy now. Or let us know and we will arrange it for you.

So we learn, no matter how much money one has accumulated in order to have access to the best medical practitioners, the exercise or mental health or sleep one gets, if one has not embarked upon the path to rebuild the balance in the gut microbiome, the risk of disease and illness showing up is exponentially increased. And what you will find when embarking upon this project, is the amazing design and workings of the human body. It does not take radical change to take back or improve one’s health, but small steps in the right direction.

There are a few docu-series available at the moment. During the series you will gain insights never heard before. It has been stated that you will most likely not get this from your doctor. Streaming live and free shortly:

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit. Screening between 23 – 29 July.

Brain disorders, including memory loss, are fast becoming the single biggest health risk in the world, and the statistics are incredibly grim. In 2017, 50 million people worldwide were believed to have some form of dementia. This number will double every 20 years. That’s 150 million people with dementia in 2057.Read more here.

The Addiction Summit. Screening between 13 – 19 August.

Dr. Paul Thomas, your host of The Addiction Summit, has helped thousands of patients with addiction, including his own family members. He truly knows that being an addict, whether food, tobacco, alcohol, opioids, meth, stimulants, technology and/or other behavioural addictions, does NOT have to be your genetic destiny. Read more here or register to be reminded of your FREE viewing.

Remember the benefit of the free viewing is that if you enjoy the series, you can purchase and watch it over and over, taking in and adapting the insights to your lifestyle. Every series provides a wealth of knowledge transfer from the top researchers, scientist, medical doctors, natural doctors, specialist in the field of health and many more.

And what you learn from the series and wish to embark upon, we can assist you implement the best plan for your goals and objectives. Don’t delay, believe your health is more important than you think or believe it is right now.

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Peter Šmanjak

Owner and Founder at Infinite Risk

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