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Centenarians—individuals who live beyond the age of 100 years with a high quality of well-being—know that living free from medication and nourishing the body, soul and mind is most beneficial for longevity.

It’s reported the average person could be shortening their lifespan by 10 to 18 years due to some form of ill health and disease. It is well documented that stress doubles one’s risk of dying from heart disease or another non-communicable disease. On the average, executives and those of higher stressful working conditions, have inflamed bodily systems that can trigger heart disease, stroke, heart attack and manifest as a feeding ground for cancer and other diseases.

Through coaching and mentoring, we help you re balance your health via active interventions, striving to live free from any form of chronic medication or medical apparatus, thereby experiencing vitality and improved personal performance. A healthy body, mind and soul is the best start to enjoying a fulfilled life.

The fundamentals of our approach to health is focused towards prevention rather than cure. Your body was designed to last 100 years or more and as a result, you already possess the innate ability to heal yourself at every level—all you have to do is observe, become aware and allow yourself to return to your path of health and well-being, a path last enjoyed in your youth.

When managing risk, our work would rather prevent or control future disease development, cancer, heart disease or a sudden stroke along with many other noncommunicable diseases. In this way, we limit any health or financial surprises. The interventions and awareness created through the engagement process provides you the foundation and knowledge for optimum health while the essence is ageing gracefully. 

Our goal in the coaching engagement is to equip you with the knowing of identifying behavioral, health and nutritional risks, their impact on you and the suggested controls or changes you could consider to bring about for optimum health.

In a survey of high net-worth individuals “Insights on Wealth and Worth”, health is cited as the highest concern and priority most often by all age groups and the importance of investing in good health increased with age.

Prevention Action

Working proactively to optimise health and well-being, automatically reduces the risk of developing dis-ease. A growth approach to wellness empowers you to recognize the danger signals of everyday living, unhealthy habits, the important of sleep, exercise and proper nutrition to enjoy life as it should be.

Working with an Infinite coach, nutritionist or specialist doctor you will experience the ‘knowing’ of how to manage health risk factors in an integrative approach to health and wellbeing. You may also gain an understanding of Quantum Physics and its practical application in daily life and in leadership.  During this journey, together we find creative solutions to optimizing your state of being for your journey to live past 100 years.

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