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As with many other services in the market, we find leadership development programm have a spring in the kickoff however and unfortunately, much of the good intentions and work of both provider and client get undone due to the absence of an integrated approach and follow through.

We know from experience that one’s personal development is best facilitated by both introspection and the discipline of feedback and measurement systems. To optimize our personal as well as organizational development we need to simultaneously reflect and act on what needs improvement within ourselves and what needs improvement in the system we are part of; and do so in an informed and focused manner.

To improve performance an integrated leadership development approach is needed; one which uses a proven methodology to identify performance gaps and misalignment. Therefore any leadership program should address a performance gap, need or a change in leadership skills and behavior to bring about change and bottom line results. An approach to sustainable leadership performance will identify the factors either enhancing or inhibiting behavior by using a methodology where people, processes and procedures as well as organizational factors are identified.

The PDA Assessment is a powerful tool with more than 50 years of studies based on different theories and statistics. It is certified for its application throughout the world. It is based the following theories: W Marstons’s personality structure; Self-Consistency Theory; Self-Concept Theory; Perception Theory; Semantic Study.

We use this tool in order help leaders understand their own behavioural style including its intensity, the diversity of styles people have, the impact of differences in the natural versus work role, their emotional intelligence and self-control, flexibility and energy levels. All of these aspects relate to the internal dynamics as they impact on aspects of risk.
Participants register for a year and work through 32 week modules. While it is not of an academic nature it provides a invaluable amount of knowledge in the areas of leading self (11 principles), leading change (8 principles) and leading others (13 principles). More importantly, it facilitates self-reflection and increased awareness.

Our senior leadership coach holds a doctorate in leadership and organisational structures. He is currently an associate of The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (Pty) Ltd and one of Duke Corporate Education’s network of global educators. He is a co-developer of the leadership development component of the National Human Resources Management Standards and certified as a PDA Analyst and MyPDA Coach.

He is well-known for his articles in the leadership field and is a column writer for the CEO magazine and has published two leadership books, with a foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He is furthermore chosen by Motivational Press as one of their community of leading experts, thought leaders, and industry authorities.

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