Lifestyle Portfolio Planning

Lifestyle Portfolio Planning is a unique approach undertaken to identify relevant personal financial, investment and health exposures that may limit you to a life well lived. The process strives for control and prevention of disease, ill-health, financial loss, misfortune, calamity or personal hardship suffered as a result of a controllable event.

Designing your own personal life portfolio is a major step in the right direction. The life portfolio will provide you with certainty for events that could go wrong and a strategy to achieve your financial, personal development and health goals. A term also known as personal risk management.


We view living life is comprised of two contexts: ‘protection’ and ‘growth’. The protection element is to implement a preventative or response plan to protect yourself and your family from events that could cause harm or ruin, or one’s business interest from financial losses, calamity and misfortune. Protecting one from the inevitable would allow you to live life with greater control and certainty.

On the other side of the life scale, the life portfolio provides for your needs and wants for personal development and gaining from opportunities to grow your wealth. Your life portfolio plan brings greater freedom of knowing.

With Infinite, we will help you implement the fundamental aspects of protection and growth in every context that is important to you.

Personal life planning is applying the science of managing risk along with the art of envisioning potential future events. This is risk management and strategic management in a personal setting. While identifying the possibility and determining the impact severity of each event,  the most effective controls or solutions are designed and implemented.

Within the first review you will be in a position to qualify the actual key determinants that are important to you. A number of personal contexts of life are considered and outcomes could include:

  • Financial Protection and plan
  • Preventable health alternatives to arrest or reverse heart disease, cancer, diabetes and the other top diseases
  • Optimal nutritional planning
  • Reduction of a minimum of 30% in short term and life assurance premiums
  • Investment returns maximized with reduced volatility
  • Optimal tax efficient investment alternatives
  • Reduction in tax liabilities
  • Trust structures and controls are implemented
  • Estate planning to protect your assets and family on death
  • Succession planning alternatives

Infinite’s personal exposure planning software database contains numerous personal risk exposures, along with the associated consequences and suggested solutions available for implementation.

The software application is a global first in bringing together every aspect of a life exposure to protect you from any serious misfortune or hardship. For the first time ever, holistic personal planning is achieved with Infinite Risk.

Personal Exposure Planning is a key stratagem for all individuals, and more so, for rainmakers of great wealth.

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