The cornerstone of the Microbiome Re-engineering Project is to rebalance the community that lives inside your gut. If left to the current growth imbalance, there is already damage that will cause untold future disaster. Get it right, and enjoy heaven on earth. 

The microbiome does not discriminate with age. The older one gets, the harm is exacerbated by the years of unknown neglect. You wonder why you are not feeling on top of the world. You could be making all the money you set out to make, but the money or material wealth is not adding the value to who you are or how you feel.

And the more you push, the more you seek, you just don’t get it right on your own. So, where do we look for a quick fix? We are programmed to turn to the medical profession and with that, continue in slavery to drugs which in many instances are not necessary or required in such large quantitates. Don’t get me wrong, there is a definite purpose and benefit to the many pharmaceutical drugs available. It’s just, opiods (type of medicine often used to help relieve pain) and the addiction to prescribed mediation is one of the fastest growing cause of death (CDC) in the US. And this form of medication along with many other causes havoc with the microbiome.

Between 2000 and 2010, global antibiotic use increased by 35 percent. Although India uses the most antibiotics worldwide, the United States ranks number one in per capita consumption, with a whopping one hundred million prescriptions written every year during adult outpatient visits alone. The average child could receive about seventeen courses of antibiotics by his or her eighteenth birthday, mostly for illnesses that don’t require any treatment. It’s not just children who are being overtreated. In the US, two out of every three adults who see a health practitioner for cold or flu symptoms are prescribed antibiotics, which 80 percent of the time don’t meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for antibiotic therapy.

Antibiotics aren’t the only threat to our microbiome. Our food and drink, daily meds, and stressful, overscheduled lives are all major microbial disruptors. Heavy antibiotic use culminates in serious imbalance in the gut bacteria—a condition called dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is often the root cause behind many poorly understood and increasingly common medical conditions like leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, and several autoimmune disorders, and it also provides a compelling explanation for why some people have such a hard time losing excess weight.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

The bacteria in your gut is also in constant cross talk with your brain via a nerve, which is like a long phone line running from gut to brain, called the vagus (this is a very new and exciting area of research). So when your microbiome is teeming with good bacteria, and lots of different types, it can help support your brain health – mood, helping you think straight, sleep, and protect your brain from ageing too.

In articles over the years, Forbes and UK’s Director magazine highlights the importance and relationship between gut health, leadership and decision making. The Forbes headline ‘How Eating Healthy Can Actually Make You A More Effective Leader’ while the Director’s article’s headline is ‘A healthy gut makes for a better leader’. Both steer in the direction of what one consumes will affect one’s behaviour. Why is that you may ask. Studies have shown how the gut microbiome have the ability to control you.

The Wall Street Journal  article headline Want to Be CEO? What’s Your BMI?‘  – New Research Suggests Extra Pounds, Large Waists Undermine Perceptions of Leadership Ability, raises the view that a few extra pounds or a slightly larger waistline affects an executive’s perceived leadership ability as well as stamina on the job.

CEO Magazine’s headline ‘Intuitive leadership: Should you listen to your gut?’ reveals that intuition has been shown to be based on a series of information processing shortcuts that occur in our thinking, particularly where there is uncertainty or incomplete information. Decision are based on everything that is available to the brain at that moment, including feelings, memories, knowledge and any subtle cues from the environment.

What some of these article miss and miss it big, is that without a healthy gut microbiome, the question beckons, who is making the decision if we listening to the gut? How is your risk for deveopling future health and mental conditions or other autoimmune diseases increased.

Where do you start to improve your gut health. Gut health requires what we call microbiome re-engineering or terrain modification of the inner bacterial ecology of the gut. To keep it simple, it’s about rebalancing the good with the bad or as we prefer, the beneficial vs non-beneficial. Studies have shown that disease is brought on, amongst other factors, by not having an optimal balance of the bacterial ecology. Many diets or lifestyle choices feed the non-beneficial without enhancing or feeding the beneficial bacteria.

If it’s your time to feel like you have never felt before, then make the decision to bring about some change. One step at a time, when working with us, we start with the gut. In this way and getting it right and not wasting time and money, we know that within a few weeks we would have brought about more change than you could have brought about in a lifetime. 

If your gut is feeling this message, you should be listening to it. When ignored, things do not turn out as planned. To tune into your higher intelligence, the gut is a vital organ to have in the best shape. The shape we are speaking about is not the six pack, which would not be a bad thing, but rather something far deeper.

The process of re-engineering the gut microbiome, is to begin with removing medications, practices, behaviours (stress) and foods that are damaging to your microbiome; replacing the essential bacteria that you’ve lost with a robust probiotic (not a tablet); and restoring the health of your gut with appropriate nutrients, supplements, and medicinal foods.

Over the past few months, there has been a number of docu-series relating to different aspects of turning around illness or disease, preventative health and well-being. Following the thread of the hundreds of speakers, albeit many medical specialists, natural doctors, scientists, and others in their field of well-being and disease prevention, a common denominator was showing up in each series.

This common denominator pointed in the direction of one’s gut. Believe it or not, we know this from our years of ongoing research and work in this field. If one does nothing else except, focus on getting one’s gut microbiome (the gut ecology of bacteria) in the best shape ever, most diseases and illnesses could be avoided and even reversed.

The latest docu-series  is a new online event called INTERCONNECTED: The Power to Heal From Within – a 9-day video series featuring seven of the world’s foremost authorities in the new medicine of the microbiome. Ever since the groundbreaking discoveries of Louis Pasteur, people assume the bacteria (germs) within our bodies are the reason we get sick or develop certain diseases.

But there’s another recent discovery just as groundbreaking: From the moment we are born, there are HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of beneficial bacteria present within all of us. In fact, both good and bad bacteria makes up our microbiome–an internal ecosystem that benefits our gut health and the immune system. Recently, the scientific community has started embracing the important role bacteria have in fostering an optimal immune system and keeping us healthy.

They’ve discovered that not only are all bacteria not detrimental to our health, but some are actually crucial for boosting immunity… keeping our digestive systems running smoothly… our hormone levels balanced… and our brains working properly. Healthcare professionals everywhere have caught on to the notion that chronic diseases are the result of a persistent microbiome imbalances.

Available to watch the entire 9 EPISODES FREE (plus a bonus 10th episode). This is a high-quality documentary series on their computer, phone or iPad without paying a penny. Each episode is LIVE for 24 hours.

If you watched the Betrayal series, you would learn that 70-80% of your immune system is activated in the outside lining of the gut and the digestive tract. Episode 2 & 3 of ‘Betrayal: The Autoimmune Solution They Not telling You provides outstanding insights on this subject. If you did not have the time to watch, you can invest in your or a loved ones health and buy now. Or let us know and we will arrange it for you.

So we learn, no matter how much money one has accumulated in order to have access to the best medical practitioners, the exercise or mental health or sleep one gets, if one has not embarked upon the path to rebuild the balance in the gut microbiome, the risk of disease and illness showing up is exponentially increased. And what you will find when embarking upon this project, is the amazing design and workings of the human body. It does not take radical change to take back or improve one’s health, but small steps in the right direction.

There are a few docu-series available at the moment. During the series you will gain insights never heard before. It has been stated that you will most likely not get this from your doctor. Streaming live and free shortly:

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit.

Brain disorders, including memory loss, are fast becoming the single biggest health risk in the world, and the statistics are incredibly grim. In 2017, 50 million people worldwide were believed to have some form of dementia. This number will double every 20 years. That’s 150 million people with dementia in 2057.Read more here.

Remember the benefit of the free viewing is that if you enjoy the series, you can purchase and watch it over and over, taking in and adapting the insights to your lifestyle. Every series provides a wealth of knowledge transfer from the top researchers, scientist, medical doctors, natural doctors, specialist in the field of health and many more.

The Addiction Summit.

Dr. Paul Thomas, your host of The Addiction Summit, has helped thousands of patients with addiction, including his own family members. He truly knows that being an addict, whether food, tobacco, alcohol, opioids, meth, stimulants, technology and/or other behavioural addictions, does NOT have to be your genetic destiny. Read more here or register to be reminded of your FREE viewing.

What you hear from each of the docu-series and thereafter wish to find out more or embark upon a course of action, we can assist you implement the best plan for your goals and objectives. Don’t delay, believing your health is more important than you think it is right now. To enjoy what money does not usually go out to buy, we will show you how to feed the good over the bad. We will save you time, effort and hours of trying to understand how to optimise the gut microbiome balance.

To begin reading before  we meet, available and very well priced books at Amazon on the importance of the gut and the gut-brain connection.

  1. The Microbiome Solution
  2. Fix Your Gut
  3. Follow Your Gut
  4. Follow Your Gut: The Enormous Impact of Tiny Microbes
  5. The Gut Makeover
  6. Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain for Life

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Peter Šmanjak

Owner and Founder at Infinite Risk

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