Mind Your Body

Mind Your Body is a life-changing, time conscious, enjoyable, measurable, accessible and sustainable corporate productivity and lifestyle enhancement program. The Mind Your Body program effectively addresses the stress and physical strains employees encounter on a daily basis, and in little more than 2 ½ minutes per day.

The Mind Your Body Program introduces a fresh, corporate specific, highly engaged, physical and emotional lifestyle transformation solution. The objective of the program is to get people moving in a conscious an enjoyable manner. When moving in a conscious flow of movement, many wonderful things happen in the body, mind and spirit. The body could respond in reducing excess weight and improving muscle tone. High blood pressure is being reduced via the various multiplier factors associated with interval training and the emotional benefits of beginning and keeping up with a fun exercise routine that can be completed anywhere, anytime.
Does 2½ minutes have such an impact that these outcomes are possible. The answer lies not only in the 2½ minutes of a graceful flow of exercise movements, but also in how the Mind Your Body program creates a shift in mental clarity about movement, nutrition and even dietary changes and employees automatically seek to move away from their sedimentary lifestyle. The Mind Your Body Program could be the start to your organisation reducing the increasing costs lost to lack in performance, accidents and unhealthy behaviour.

The Importance of Motion

Given the connection between employee health and productivity, many organizations support employees’ health through on-site gyms and gym memberships via medical aid membership, numerous types of wellness programs, and so on.

A November 2010 study in a 5 county area of Southeastern Pennsylvania in the USA, determined that $795 million in medical costs was avoided annually in the area through physical activity that takes place on protected open space in the region. In addition, the study estimated that businesses in Southeastern Pennsylvania avoided $485 million in lost productivity costs per year as a result of the physical activities their employees engage in on protected open space in the region.


Infinite’s experts have knowledge in the field of improving wellness, health, joint mobility, targeted pain management, lung function improvement and strength. After suffering from hypertension, regular sinusitis, poor lung function, poor joint mobility, poor sleep quality and a general lack of energy, I decided to change my life and commenced with the “Mind Your Body” programme. My decision to continue with the programme making it part of my lifestyle and wellness objectives has turned my life around.

I stopped taking hypertension medication for short periods (up to 8 consecutive days) and have my blood pressure checked achieving a perfect 120/80 ratio. I would probably be able to go onto a lesser dosage of the medication or ideally not be required to use medication to control my blood pressure at all.
Barry Smit
VP: Sibanye Gold Mine

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