DNA Report Analysis & 60 Min Feedback Session


On receipt of your DNA test result we decipher and interpret the report into our own risk model and discuss the results with you in person or online. Normally these reports are approximately 180 pages of feedback and for the average person, the report may be overwhelming to implement a practical method and steps to enhance your own health and prevent future disease. An average feedback session by a practitioner is 60 minutes, however their are times we go well into 90 minutes with no additional charge.

If only interpreting from the report feedback, we have found that 60 minutes is too short a time to really understand the next step. So we have created a summarised schedule from your report that will guide you towards your first steps. Our 25 years experience in health risk management allows us to build a personalised framework that considers your most important health risks based on your genetic report and where applicable an additional blood panel. We go a further step where we provide suggestions and interventions you could consider to lower the risk and to improve your overall well-being.

The work required from our team to produce a personalised schedule can take an average of 6 hours interpreting your report. Working with us, our gift is the additional 4 hours of work we provide you free of charge. To have the report feedback provided make sure you purchase the DNA feedback session.

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