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Being technically proficient in risk management and internal audit and having the specialist knowledge of the work for which we consider a vital element of a successful ERM program, you need to look beyond the obvious if you want to achieve the goal and objectives associated in embedding a risk based philosophy in an organisation.
It is the responsibility of management to ensure that an effective risk management program is in place. This responsibility includes:
  1. Defining the organization’s risk appetite in terms of loss tolerance, risk-to-capital leverage, and target debt rating;
  2. Ensuring that the organization has the required risk management skills and risk absorption capability (e.g. human and financial resources) to support its business strategy;
  3. Establishing the organizational structure and defining the roles and responsibilities for risk management, including the role of a chief risk officer;
  4. Implementing an integrated risk measurement and management framework for credit, market, and operational risk;
  5. Establishing risk assessment and audit processes, as well as benchmarking company practices to industry best practices;
  6. Shaping the organization’s risk culture by setting the tone from the top. Not only through words but actions, and reinforcing that commitment through incentives;
  7. Providing the appropriate opportunities for organizational learning, including lessons learned from previous problems and ongoing training and development.
When considering the responsibility of management for implementing an effective risk management program, the points vital to human intervention and success of any ERM program and team is ensuring that the organisation has the required risk management skills, shaping the organisation’s risk culture by setting the tone / leading from the top and providing the appropriate opportunities for organizational learning, including lessons learned from previous problems and ongoing training and development.

At Infinite, we bring about greater depth towards a risk focused approach in the workplace by:
  • Encouraging each employee responsible for risk to embark on a 12-18 month coaching journey in leadership in risk management. In this way we are confident that many will grow within themselves and experience light-bulb moments of enlightenment for their own worklife, which will positively impact on their outlook and engagement in the workplace.
  • An essential element for each executive and selected manager is embarking upon the journey of growth and development in the areas of leading and knowing self, leading change and leading others. For every risk champion or project manager responsible for risk, they could have 10 other employees reporting to them specifically in terms of risk exposures on any one project.
  • Gallup who has studied engagement data from 190 diverse industries, found that managers who are directly supervised by highly engaged leadership teams are 39% more likely to be engaged than managers who are supervised by actively disengaged leadership teams.
    | The Gallup study revealed that only 13% of managers are actually engaged at work
  • The link between engaged managers and engaged employees is even more powerful. Employees who are supervised by highly engaged managers are 59% more likely to be engaged than those supervised by actively disengaged managers.
Our senior leadership coach holds a doctorate in leadership and organisational structures. He is currently an associate of The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (Pty) Ltd and one of Duke Corporate Education’s network of global educators. He is a co-developer of the leadership development component of the National Human Resources Management Standards and certified as a PDA Analyst and MyPDA Coach.

He is well-known for his articles in the leadership field and is a column writer for the CEO magazine and has published two leadership books, with a foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He is furthermore chosen by Motivational Press as one of their community of leading experts, thought leaders, and industry authorities.

Infinite Risk provides corporate clients with the at Work or ‘Back@Work’ unscheduled leave management solution. The programs provides a single comprehensive view into the many aspects of employee absence, from traditional leave to unscheduled absences. The program is implemented by the organization in their environment or outsourced to Infinite Risk.

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