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The quality and quantity of sleep is vitally important in protecting one from severe health problems: sleep-related accidents are a major cause of injury and death in the transport industry and work environment, poor quality and quantity of sleep increases the risk of chronic illnesses including: high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, cancer, heart attack and stroke.

It is also related to obesity in both adults and children, and leads to accelerated cognitive decline in older people. Despite the importance of sleep, we live in a society where sleep deprivation is common. It is estimated that the number of people not getting enough sleep is now four in ten, representing the second most common health complaint after pain.

The underlying importance of sleep in tackling many of the unhealthy behaviours, chronic conditions and diseases related to lifestyle needs to be acknowledged. In our sleep solutions, Infinite specialises in Sleep and Fatigue Management across numerous industries.

The Sleep Solution is an integrated sleep and fatigue management solution, designed to:

  • Inform and educate on the importance of sleep.
  • To assist individuals who feel they are not getting enough sleep, or do not feel refreshed when awaking.
  • Provide practical advice (consultation session) to address common psychological and socials problems such as stress, anxiety and depression that causes poor sleep.
  • To provide a full spectrum of services and products to assess, treat and monitor sleep disorders.
  • Enable you with lifestyle devices and programmes to monitor progress and compliance.
  • Develop strategies to improve quality and quantity of sleep and manage fatigue in the work environment and/ or at home.

It is a life giving force when one understands the value of sleep in a productive and well balanced lifestyle. The interventions to optimising sleep require very little effort however offer a substantial return to being full of energy.

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