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Infinite Risk has extensive experience in structured insurance vehicles. Our experience in product design, marketing and management provide the client with expert attention in cell captive formation, taxation, capital markets, loss modeling and more.

Structured insurance vehicles have evolved in response to corporate risk management strategies that could not be accommodated by conventional insurance markets. Insurance facilities are tailored to the specific requirements of the client, with underwriting surpluses being returned where claims do not materialise.

By carefully applying actuarial principles and other forecasting models, we quantify critical risk areas, and develop recommendations for reducing, financing or transferring risk in a number of fields.

In structuring an insurance solution to address the company’s funding requirements, we investigate the use of either a short-term or long-term cell captives. The choice is determined by management objectives.

An ART product is a structure provided by specialist insurance company to assist the company to finance, in a non-traditional way, the exposures of identified risks, thereby functioning as synthetic equity in the company’s capital structure. Alternative risk transfer (ART) includes both alternative risk finance and alternative risk transfer arrangements.
Short term insurance is regulated by the Short-term Insurance Act and by its very nature involves risks that are fortuitous and not speculative. Known events cannot be insured against. However, the insurable interest facing a company are wide-ranging and could be accommodated within a short- term insurance policy.

A life insurance structure may provide either a lump-sum benefit or an ongoing annuity payment on the occurrence of an insured event. In the case of specific health risks, this may be on diagnosis of the condition, on meeting specific criteria (stages of the disease), on (ill-health) retirement or on death. The goal would be to match the benefits with the costs of the programme over the remaining productive life of the insured.

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