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Can Autoimmune Disease Be Reversed?

Your body is turning on itself as you read this. You may not know the extent or when it will show up in the flesh or mind, but unless you equipped with knowledge and insight to stop or slow it down, it’s inevitable, it’s going to happen. Learn and witness whether Autoimmune Disease can be reversed and if so how.

Is 60% of the Leading Causes of Death Preventable?

Every person questioned, univocally states that they would prefer to live their life unassisted by a drug, therapy or appliance. To achieve this in a busy world of doing, a risk-based approach is utilised to focusing on the 20% that would cause the 80% of future ills. This approach asks one question: What is the 20% I must focus on to enjoy a life free of a disease or a disorder?

Insights from the Broken Brain Docu-Series

Conventional medicine has a definitive place and has served the world over. Functional medicine looks at the treatment picture and priorities treatment based on a one’s unique needs. As we all are different in genetic design, grouping treatment needs for the masses, fall short of optimised care. When we become aware of this we can seek out …

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Workplace Wellness Programs Fail To Deliver

We find if employers adapt their workplace wellness program fundamentals, they will enjoy the keys to optimum health of employees.  One requires a slight shift in understanding how health is to be delivered in the workplace. A disruptive approach to the status quo is inevitable where the fundamental basis on which the program is built, …

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The Risk to your Future Self – Don’t delay

Kicking off 2018, we already swept up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. What has already happened to getting healthier, being fit or losing those extra kilograms. We remain in a habit of doing life to achieve the successes we strive towards. Now that is great, but at what price. Usually it’s our future …

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