A study from an international group of researchers found that drinking tart cherry juice for seven days increased sleep by an average of 34 minutes a night – by speeding up falling to sleep – and increased sleep efficiency by 5-6%.

Cherries contain natural melatonin, a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger that helps “cool down” excess inflammation and associated oxidative stress. Melatonin helps regulate sleep patterns and as such plays a vital role in sleep, cancer prevention and general regeneration. Based on daily environmental signals of light and darkness, your pineal gland has evolved to produce and secrete melatonin to help you sleep.

Research suggests that consuming tart cherry juice increases your melatonin levels, thereby improving time in bed, total sleep time and sleep efficiency. According to the researchers:

… Consumption of a tart cherry juice concentrate provides an increase in exogenous melatonin that is beneficial in improving sleep duration and quality in healthy men and women and might be of benefit in managing disturbed sleep.”

Cherry juice concentrate can contain about 55 to 60 tart cherries in every ounce. A single recommended serving, is equal to eating 55 to 60 cherries to get the same health benefit (not recommended eating 55 to 60 cherries, as that is too much sugar).

Melatonin found naturally in other foods that increase levels include oats, sweet corn, rice, ginger, tomatoes, bananas, mangosteen and barley.

Cherry juice concentrate also allows the health benefit of the cherries without all the sugar. Make sure it’s real cherry juice–no sugar added. Studies has also shown remarkable results, that cherry juice usually eliminates the pain of acute gout.

Tart cherries develop a fuller flavor when they’re used in cooking, which is why they’re often used in baked desserts. Research strongly supports the anti-inflammatory qualities of Montmorency tart cherries, as well as the benefits of muscle recovery and pain relief from conditions like arthritis.

Cherries have numerous other benefits and used to prevent many serious life threatening conditions and diseases. Seek the tart cherry and know it’s amazing nutritional value is a superfood for your body.

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Peter Šmanjak

Owner and Founder at Infinite Risk

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