Treating Customers Fairly

Infinite is committed to ensuring that the principles of treating customers fairly (TCF) are applied in all areas of our business activities.

Infinite Risk provides corporate clients with the at Work or ‘Back@Work’ unscheduled leave management solution. The programs provides a single comprehensive view into the many aspects of employee absence, from traditional leave to unscheduled absences. The program is implemented by the organization in their environment or outsourced to Infinite Risk.

  1. Infinite recognises that TCF is a continuous and evolving process and not a once-off event. In this regard we don’t assume that we are perfect, but through continuous self-evaluation, we will endeavour to better ourselves in the fair treatment of all our customers.
  2. Infinite is committed to promoting practices which are in line with the TCF fairness outcomes.
  3. Infinite will raise awareness of the TCF principles amongst all its employees and network of providers through appropriate internal communication and training programs.
  4. Infinite will gather where possible, relevant management information on a regular basis and will take appropriate steps to rectify any deficiencies.
  5. Infinite has made appropriate provision for TCF related risks in the Risk Management Framework.
  • Following the personal risk management process, we gain a thorough understanding of our client’s needs and expectations, and the products proposed are to meet these needs and expectations.
  • The products are structured to take the TCF fairness principles into consideration.
  • We communicate the design of our products (as well as the associated risks) to our clients in a manner which our clients can understand.
  • During the providers product approval process, adherence is to the legal and compliance aspects, and also we seek to eliminate unfairness that may arise when the product is marketed, sold, terminated or cancelled.
  • We will endeavour to develop our marketing material in a manner that is clear to our clients and embed fairness in its content.
  • Our marketing team understands and endeavours to embed the fairness principles into promotional materials.
  • The quality and clarity of promotional material is scrutinised and approved at an appropriate level of management within the organisation.
  • Our promotional material is developed to ensure that it is factually accurate, containing relevant information and understandable by our clients.
  • We consider the suitability of the products we are proposing to our clients or group of clients.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of the products that we offer, which allows us to explain all its risks, limitations and expected performances.
  • We will regularly review the accuracy of advice given by our providers in respect of our products.
  • We will provide sufficient information on the features, risks, cost and expected performance of the product at the point of sale.
  • We will monitor the performance of products that we have recommended and where the client has purchased on our recommendations, to assess the on-going suitability of the product for the client.
  • We will disclose any material changes in the product’s performance to clients to whom we have recommended and sold that product (based on the agreed performance benchmark as an indicator).
  • We will provide appropriate after sales information and/or service to clients.
  • Where we are required to intervene on a claim, we deal with claims in accordance to regulatory rules and guidelines.
  • We handle complaints fairly and consistently.
  • We treat complaints consistently and give careful consideration to whether an error might have affected a wider class of clients; and where appropriate what should be done to redress this error.
  • We investigate the causes of complaints and obtain feedback from clients who have experienced our complaints in order to improve the level of advice and service that we provide.
  • We measure the length of time taken to deal with a complaint, the outcome, and the way in which the outcome is communicated to the client in order to ensure that we are treating our customers fairly in the complaints process.

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